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Arthur John 'Art' Gabor

Athlete and Builder


Hockey, Basketball, Football

Builder Categories:

Coach, Executive, Official


Born: 1928 - North Bay ON


Elected: 11-Jun-1985

Inducted: 01-Mar-1986



Art Gabor was a multi-sport man as an athlete. He played hockey, basketball and football and took part in track. In hockey he won a pair of university scoring titles and went on to star in intermediate and senior ranks. As a teacher, he started in Kirkland Lake, then came to NBCI&VS and joined Chippewa in 1958 where he remained until June 1985. He was the school’s Boys Athletic Director there for 27 years. He was a multi-sport man there too, and an innovator supreme - starting the Tomahawk Basketball Tournament, starting junior football in the NDA and NOSSA and bantam football at the NDA level. He coached teams to some 17 football championships over the years. He also coached all levels of basketball for 27 years. A Martyn Memorial Trophy winner for basketball, he served on the Ontario Basketball Association Executive for some time, was a fully ranked basketball official and refereed games into his eighties. He worked closely with Bill Colcock in both track and cross country and helped bring both sports to the fore. Active for a number of years with the North Bay Legion Track Club, he emphasized learning and taking part. He was a convenor, coach, official and advisor in both high school and North Bay sports for better than thirty years, working enthusiastically and humbly; many an athlete called him not only coach -but friend.

Inductee No.  70
Last Revised: 11/12/2011


North Bay Sports Hall of Fame